Pre-Columbian Themes

Leal’s Tire Shop on East Cesar Chavez St in Austin Texas

My friend Ben Briones who graduated from UT Austin recommended me to visit Leal’s Tire Shop located on East Cesar Chavez Street. I was excited to find murals featuring themes from what appears to be Mexico’s pre-Columbian heritage.

While visiting the shop, I met Armando Lara who is originally from Veracruz, Mexico. He works at the shop fixing flats and doing other maintenance work.

I asked for the name of the artist who painted the walls but people at the shop couldn’t recall his name.

Armando Lara works at a tire shop in Austin, TX.

Armando Lara works at Leal’s Tire Shop in Austin, TX. Photograph from 6/28/14

Leal's Tire Shop in Austin TX

Leal’s Tire Shop on East Cesar Chavez St in Austin, TX. Photographed on June 28, 2014.